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Items with "Mattioli, Francesco" as Credited Author

Lone Wolf Merchandise

The World of Magnamund: The Definitive Map of the World of Lone Wolf


1. Avventure di un topino di campagna
2. Nella casa stregata!
3. Trova Shelby
4. Shelby contro Mecha Shelby

Shelby [English]

1. The adventures of a little mouse in the country

Items with "Mattioli, Francesco" as Credited Illustrator

Lone Wolf Multiplayer Game Book

3. Heroes of Magnamund (cartography)

Lone Wolf, Collector's Edition (2007-)

30. Dead in the Deep (collector's edition) (map)

Lone Wolf, Definitive Edition

1. Flight from the Dark [expanded version] (interior)
2. Fire on the Water (interior)
3. The Caverns of Kalte (interior)
4. The Chasm of Doom (interior)
5. Shadow on the Sand (interior)
6. The Kingdoms of Terror (cartography)
7. Castle Death (cartography)
8. The Jungle of Horrors (cartography)
9. The Cauldron of Fear (cartography)
10. The Dungeons of Torgar (cartography)