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Items with "Doeden, Matt" as Credited Author

At Battle in World War II (1 edition)
At the Battle of Antietam (1 edition)
At the Battle of the Ironclads (1 edition)
Can You Survive an Artificial Intelligence Uprising? (1 edition)
Can You Survive Extreme Mountain Climbing? (3 editions)
Can You Survive in the Special Forces? (1 edition)
Can You Survive in the Wilderness? (1 edition)
Can You Survive the Desert? (2 editions)
Can You Survive the Jungle? (1 edition)
The Civil War (3 editions)
Edinburgh Castle (1 edition)
Gettysburg Battlefield (1 edition)
Hansel and Gretel: An Interactive Fairy Tale Adventure (1 edition)
Life as a Ninja (1 edition)
Life as a Samurai (1 edition)
The Oregon Trail (3 editions)
The Salem Witch Trials (4 editions)
The Haunted Sanatorium (1 edition)
The Queen Mary (1 edition)
The Winchester Mystery House (1 edition)