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Person - Costello, Matthew J.

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Items with "Costello, Matthew J." as Credited Author

The 7th Guest (1 edition)
Allein gegen die Dunkelheit (2 editions)
Alone Against the Dark (2 editions)
Daredevil: Guilt by Association (1 edition)
Escape from Horror Island (2 editions)
Final Challenge (1 edition)
Hex: Escort to Hell (1 edition)
KGB Doublecross (1 edition)
The Paradox Labyrinth (2 editions)
Robert Heinlein's Glory Road: Fate's Trick (1 edition)
Robert Silverberg's Majipoor: Revolt on Majipoor (2 editions)
The Thing in the Darkness (1 edition)
Wheel of Destruction (1 edition)