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Items with "Holloway, James (Jim)" as Credited Illustrator

1 on 1 Adventure Gamebooks

10. Dragonwand of Krynn
v. 10, no. 1. You Are Lord Patrick, Knight of Solamnia
v. 10, no. 2. You Are Lord Ariakan, Dragon Highlord

Car Wars Adventure Gamebooks

3. Dueltrack (cover)
4. Badlands Run (cover)
5. Green Circle Blues (cover)
6. Mean Streets (cover)

Endless Quest

1. Dungeon of Dread (interior)
2. Mountain of Mirrors (interior)
5. Revolt of the Dwarves (interior)
14. Raid on Nightmare Castle (interior)
33. Knight of Illusion (interior)
36. Song of the Dark Druid (interior)


"Mad Dog" Johnny Drake


1. Ring of the Ruby Dragon (interior)
2. Talisman of Valdegarde (interior)
3. Secret Sorceress (interior)
4. Isle of Illusion (interior)

Lazer Tag Adventures

1. High Spy
2. Danger, Second Hand
3. Invisible Rival (interior)

Middle-earth Quest

1. Night of the Nazg├╗l (interior)
2. The Legend of Weathertop (interior)


Clones in Space
Paranoia Player Handbook
Paranoia: Second Edition

Paranoia Novels

The Computer is Your Friend (A1)
4. Reality Optional (S1)
5. The Troubleshooter Rules 1: Stay Alert (T1)
6. Traitor Hangout (Y1)

Star Trek: The Adventure Game

Star Trek: The Adventure Game