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Items with "Huerta, Catherine" as Credited Illustrator

Choose Your Own Adventure (1979-1998)

2. Journey Under the Sea (cover)
78. Return to Atlantis (cover)
82. Hurricane! (cover)
83. Track of the Bear (cover)
91. You Are a Superstar (cover)
100. The Worst Day of Your Life (cover)
105. The Treasure of the Onyx Dragon (cover)
112. Skateboard Champion (cover)
114. Daredevil Park (cover)
123. Silver Wings (cover)
124. Superbike (cover)
130. You Are Microscopic (cover)
131. Surf Monkeys (cover)
134. Secret of the Dolphins (cover)
136. Roller Star (cover)
142. The Reality Machine (cover)
147. The Antimatter Universe (cover)
156. You Are an Alien (cover)

Escape from Tenopia

1. Tenopia Island (cover)
2. Trapped in the Sea Kingdom (cover)
3. Terror on Kabran (cover)
4. Star System Tenopia (cover)

Escape from the Kingdom of Frome

1. The Castle of Frome (cover)
2. The Forest of the King (cover)
3. The Caverns of Mornas (cover)
4. The Battle of Astar (cover)