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Person - Fastner, Steve

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Items with "Fastner, Steve" as Credited Illustrator

The Amazing Ben Franklin (2 editions)
Bound for Australia (3 editions)
Civil War Secret Agent (4 editions)
Find the Kirillian! (1 edition)
The First Settlers (1 edition)
The Galactic Pirate (1 edition)
Mission to Microworld (1 edition)
Monsters of Doorna (1 edition)
Planet Hunters (1 edition)
Rebel Spy (1 edition)
The Red Rocket (1 edition)
Space Olympics (1 edition)
The Star Crystal (2 editions)
Ultraheroes (2 editions)
Voyage with Columbus (2 editions)
World War I Flying Ace (5 editions)
World War II Code Breaker (3 editions)