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Items with "Davis, Jon" as Credited Illustrator

Note: This list is sorted by the earliest known dated edition for each title; earlier editions may exist.

Date Unknown

Arena of Death (Book 1)
Arena of Death (Book 2)
Blood Valley (Book 1)
Blood Valley (Book 2)
Challenge of the Magi (Book 1)
The Shattered Realm (Book 1)
The Shattered Realm (Book 2)


Blood Valley (Box set)
Challenge of the Magi (Book 2)
Challenge of the Magi (Box set)
Rupert and the Haunted House
Rupert and the Miser's Hoard
Rupert and the Mystery Moor
Rupert and the Pirates' Den
Rupert and the Secret Trail
Rupert and the Secret Treasure
Rupert and the Seven Keys
Rupert and the Smuggler's Gold


Arena of Death (Box set)
The Shattered Realm (Box set)
Steeleye and the Lost Magic


Curse of the Claw


Fear on Rock Island