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Items with "Caldwell, Clyde" as Credited Illustrator

Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Adventure Gamebooks

5. Test of the Ninja (cover)
6. Master of Ravenloft (cover)
9. The Sorcerer's Crown (cover)
15. The Vanishing City (cover)
16. Shadow over Nordmaar (cover)

Birthright Novels

3. The Hag's Contract

Catacombs Solo Quest

1. Faerie Mound of Dragonkind (cover)
2. Gnomes-100, Dragons-0 (cover)

Dragonlance Novels

16. Preludes II 1: Riverwind the Plainsman (cover)
18. Preludes II 2: Flint the King (cover)
20. Preludes II 3: Tanis, the Shadow Years (cover)
23. Meetings Sextet 1: Kindred Spirits (cover)
25. Meetings Sextet 2: Wanderlust (cover)
26. Elven Nations Trilogy 3: The Qualinesti (cover)
27. Meetings Sextet 3: Dark Heart (cover)
31. Meetings Sextet 5: Steel and Stone (cover)

Endless Quest

13. Dragon of Doom (cover)
16. The Dragon's Ransom (cover)
17. Captive Planet (cover)
19. Conan the Undaunted (cover)
21. Duel of the Masters (cover)
23. Blade of the Young Samurai (cover)
33. Knight of Illusion (cover)
34. Claw of the Dragon (cover)
38. Castle of the Undead (cover)

Endless Quest Books: Crimson Crystal Adventures

2. Search for the Pegasus (cover)

Fantasy Forest

3. Shadowcastle (cover)

Forgotten Realms Novels

Icewind Dale Trilogy 2: Streams of Silver (cover)
4. Spellfire (cover)
5. Finder's Stone Trilogy 1: Azure Bonds (cover)
6. Icewind Dale Trilogy 2: Streams of Silver (cover)
8. Pool of Radiance (cover)
9. Finder's Stone Trilogy 2: The Wyvern's Spur (cover)
10. Finder's Stone Trilogy 3: Song of the Saurials (cover)
12. Avatar Trilogy 2: Tantras (cover)
13. Avatar Trilogy 3: Waterdeep (cover)
33. Druidhome Trilogy 1: Prophet of Moonshae (cover)
34. Druidhome Trilogy 2: The Coral Kingdom (cover)

Greyhawk Novels

1. Saga of Old City
2. Artifact of Evil (cover)
3. Master Wolf (cover)
4. The Price of Power (cover)
5. The Demon Hand (cover)
6. The Name of the Game (cover)

Indiana Jones Role-Playing Game

6. The Fourth Nail (cover)

Knaurs Buch der Rollenspiele

Knaurs Buch der Rollenspiele (cover)

Ravenloft Novels

1. Vampire of the Mists (cover)
2. Knight of the Black Rose (cover)

TSR Books

19. Token of Dragonsblood (cover)