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Person - Leonardi, Alfred

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Items with "Leonardi, Alfred" as Credited Author

Amara Wintersword, Female Barbarian with Axe (1 edition)
Arafael the Angel (1 edition)
Arcanthus the Sage (1 edition)
Balloon Buster (1 edition)
Barbarian with Two-handed Sword (1 edition)
Brimstone, the Fire Giant (1 edition)
Captain America (1 edition)
Chester the Jester (1 edition)
Cimeree, Elfin Maid (1 edition)
Citizen V (1 edition)
Cold Drake (1 edition)
Colossus (1 edition)
Daniel the Pirate (1 edition)
Darkchylde (1 edition)
Deadpool (1 edition)
Dino Fight Series: Allosaur (1 edition)
Dino Fight Series: Pachycephalosaur (1 edition)
Dino Fight Series: Pinacosaur (1 edition)
Dino Fight Series: Stegosaur (1 edition)
Dino Fight Series: T-Rex (1 edition)
Dino Fight Series: Triceratops (1 edition)
Dwarf in Chainmail with Two-handed Ax (1 edition)
Eilee the Sprite (1 edition)
Elektra (1 edition)
Fairchild (1 edition)
Felina the Tiger Lady (1 edition)
Fighter Mage with Magic Sword (1 edition)
Flying Machines (1 edition)
Gambit (1 edition)
Giant Goblin with Mace and Shield (1 edition)
Gildersleve the Dwarf (1 edition)
GRF-1N Griffin (1 edition)
Halfling with Sword and Shield (1 edition)
Handy Rotary Series (1 edition)
Hill Troll with Club (1 edition)
Horras Hob-Goblin (1 edition)
In the Ruins of the Ancients (1 edition)
The Incredible Hulk (1 edition)
Iron Man (1 edition)
Jet Eagles (1 edition)
Knights of the Dinner Table: Bob "Knuckles" (1 edition)
Knights of the Dinner Table: Brian "Teflon Billy" (1 edition)
Knights of the Dinner Table: Dave "El Ravager" (1 edition)
Knights of the Dinner Table: Sara "Thorina" (1 edition)
LCT-1S Locust (1 edition)
Lilli the Swashbuckler (1 edition)
Lizard Man with Scimitar and Buckler (1 edition)
Man in Chainmail with Sword and Shield (1 edition)
Man in Plate with Sword and Shield (1 edition)
Man with Short Sword and Dagger (1 edition)
Manticore (1 edition)
Medusa (1 edition)
The Mighty Thor (1 edition)
Ninja with Ninjato (1 edition)
Oowell the Ghoul (1 edition)
Othere, Djinn of Distinction (1 edition)
Powerhouse Series (1 edition)
RFL-3N Rifleman (1 edition)
Rogue (1 edition)
Runesword: Bith - Female Cleric (1 edition)
Runesword: Cal - Warrior with Sword and Shield (1 edition)
Runesword: Endril - Elfin Archer with Epee (1 edition)
Runesword: Hathor - Troll with Axe (1 edition)
Samurai with Katana (1 edition)
SHD-2H Shadow Hawk (1 edition)
Shi (1 edition)
Shi: Judgment Night (1 edition)
Sir Percival, Mounted Knight (1 edition)
Skeleton with Scimitar and Shield (1 edition)
Spider-Girl (1 edition)
Spider-Man (1 edition)
Storm (1 edition)
Sylvestra the Wood Elf (1 edition)
Thing (1 edition)
Thorgal the Wyrm Slayer (1 edition)
Tome of Red Magic (1 edition)
Treasure Hoard of the Cold Drake (1 edition)
Tunnels and Trolls: Chiron, Magical Centaur (1 edition)
Tunnels and Trolls: Flaming Cherry (1 edition)
Tunnels and Trolls: Kharis, Royal Mummy (1 edition)
Tunnels and Trolls: Mac Aber, A Highland Warrior with Claymore (1 edition)
Tunnels and Trolls: Praxides, Female Gargoyle (1 edition)
Tunnels and Trolls: Umslopagaas, the Scorpion Wizard (1 edition)
Unicorn (1 edition)
Ursa Bugbear (1 edition)
Vampirella (1 edition)
Veltigg, The Forest Shade / Mattha, Huntress of Denglade (2 editions)
WHM-6R Warhammer (1 edition)
Winged Gargoyle with Scimitar (1 edition)
Wingleader (1 edition)
Witchblade (1 edition)
Wolverine (1 edition)
Wolverine: Judgment Night (1 edition)
Woman in Scale with Sword and Shield (1 edition)
Woman with Quarterstaff (1 edition)
Wraith with Sickle (1 edition)
WSP-1A Wasp (1 edition)
Wyrm the Dragon (1 edition)
Zzz... Zombie (1 edition)