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You Are Kingpin
You Are Daredevil
You Are Reed Richards and the Fantastic Four
You Are Doctor Doom
You Are Prince Matabei, Rebel Commander
You Are Lord Kenshin, Daimyo of Tsuke
You Are Uthrac, Barbarian Warrior
You Are Garth, Master of the North Wind
You Are Thieves' Guild Assassins
You Are Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser
You Are Renwood, A Powerful Druid
You Are Ar-Kane, A Great Wizard
You Are Raven Quickblade, The Black Knight
You Are Flametongue, An Ancient Red Dragon
You Are Mikael, Earth's Greatest Star Pilot
You Are E-Ben, Attack Robot from the Planet Cybos
You Are Neves, An Ancient and Powerful Wizard
You Are Eric Sunsword, Legendary Knight of the Northern Marches
Orc Invasion
Tomb of Bel'Dor
War of the Worlds
The Dungeoneer
Goblin Ambush
Arena of Doom
The Dragonslayer
Coda di lupo
Jetpack Attack
Endangered Operation
Can You Survive?
You Must Conquer Earth: A Gamebook of Planetary Domination
FA You're in Charge: World Cup Challenger
FA You're in Charge: Guide England to Glory
Operation Tangent
To Kill A King
Operation Birdfall
Operation Lone Wolf
Ronin 47
Innsmouth: The Stolen Child
Workshop of the Gods
A People's War: Part 2
Miniature Wargames #460
A People's War: Part 1
Miniature Wargames #459
In gita con la scuola
Caccia ai mostri, salva la scuola
Shadow Stalkers
Shadow Chaser
La Corsa piĆ¹ Pazza del Mondo
Surviving the Underground