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Arena of Death (Book 2)
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À-sŏon gaai hàeng hăa-yá-ná [อสูรกายแห่งหายนะ]
Kăo wong-gòt-sà-yŏng-kà-wan [เขาวงกตสยองขวัญ]
Bpôm-bpà-raa-gaan-má-hăa-pai [ป้อมปราการมหาภัย]
Kŭm sáp pôr mót kăo àk-kee [ขุมทรัพย์พ่อมดเขาอัคคี]
Ssangdungiseomeseo talchul [쌍둥이섬에서 탈출]
Neukdaeingan maeureseo talchul [늑대인간 마을에서 탈출]
Futago shima kara no dasshutsu shōnen wa modoritai to omotta [ ふたご島からの脱出 少年は戻りたいと思った]
Jinrō mura kara no dasshutsu ōkami wo mitsukenai to, korosareru [人狼村からの脱出 狼を見つけないと、殺される]
You Can Handle Conflict: Hands or Words?
You Can Stop Bullying: Stand By or Stand Up?
You Can Respect Differences: Assume or Find Out?
You Can Use Money Wisely: Spend or Save?
You Can Be Helpful: Step Aside or Pitch In?
You Can Listen to Directions: Stop or Go?
You Can Be Responsible: Do it Now or Put it Off?
You Can Follow the Rules: Cheat or Play Fair?
You Can Make Changes: Ask or Ignore?
You Can Be Polite: Be Rude or Use Tact?
You Can Persevere: Quit or Keep Going?
You're Angry: Throw a Fit or Talk It Out?