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Item - The Quest for Dragon Mountain

Series: Twisted Journeys — no. 16
Author: Mayhall, Robin
Illustrator: Martinez, Alitha E.
Date: September 1, 2010
ISBN: 0822592673 / 9780822592679
Length: 111 pages
Number of Endings: 31 (plus one loop back to the start)
User Summary: You are a dragon, you own a mysterious magic clock, and it's your birthday. Unfortunately, the local villagers are up to some mischief.
Demian's Thoughts:

While a gamebook where the reader plays a dragon is not unheard of -- there's Revenge of the Red Dragon and a couple of the Dragonlarks books -- it's still enough of a novelty to make this an interesting book. Unfortunately, apart from the novel premise and some well-executed artwork, this book doesn't have a whole lot to recommend it. The near-total lack of internal consistency prevents the book from telling an interesting story, and many of the paths and endings are somewhat repetitive. It's certainly not a total failure -- you'll get a bit of entertainment out of it -- but it could have been better.

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