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Item - Renegades of Luntar

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Series: Endless Quest Books: Crimson Crystal Adventures — no. 3
Author: Moore, Roger E.
Illustrators: Parkinson, Keith (cover)
Macari, Jr., Mario D. (interior)
Date: June, 1985
ISBN: 088038218X / 9780880382182
Length: 143 pages
Number of Endings: 16
User Summary: The year is 2085 and you are the youngest astronaut on Mars. While exploring, you come across the ruins of an ancient civilization and discover that the entire human race is in danger.
Demian's Thoughts:

This is easily the best book in this series. While its premise shouldn't appear very original to those familiar with science fiction, it stands out a bit in the gamebook realm. The book is also fairly well-written and has many choices which actually require some thought. As always, the Crimson Crystal serves little purpose, but this is still worth reading.

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drystan's Thoughts:

Why, a nice one!

Although this gamebook hasn't any game mechanics and the story is really simple, quite silly indeed, it has been well written. And the "crimson crystal affair" adds a little spice to the game. Renegades of Luntar has a distinctive retro game flavor which makes it remarkable.

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Nomad's Thoughts:

An excellent delve into the world of Sci-Fi from Roger E. Moore, the same author who wrote a previous entry in the Crimson Crystal Adventures in the form of Search for the Pegasus. While I prefer Search for the Pegasus to Renegades of Luntar, I nonetheless found myself enjoying this book highly. The plot focuses around the central character's desperate search to find an ancient device capable of destroying the human race which, while not a terribly new plot in the world of Sci-Fi, is still a fascinating delve into a high tech adventure which, coupled with excellent writing, makes this book highly enjoyable. To top it off, the book provides a well rounded sense of atmosphere and exploration, enough so to satisfy even the most jaded of gamebook readers. The art is a little below par for me, though it's easily enough overlooked, and the writing more than makes up for the flaw.

I enjoyed the rather unique way I felt the Crimson Crystal gimmick was utilized in this particular book, and while I can't agree with Demian as far as this being the best entry in the series (for me that would have to be Stop that Witch!), I still found myself loving this entry into the series and wishing they'd made more than four Crimson Crystal Adventures. A must read for Sci-Fi fans of any age.

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