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Choose Your Own Adventure for Younger Readers

1. The Circus
16. Dragons!

Dragon Pathways

5. Secret of the Sphinx

Dragon Roads

4. Curse of the Sphinx


14. Secret of the Sphinx

Endless Quest

14. Raid on Nightmare Castle
21. Duel of the Masters
28. Mystery of the Ancients

Endless Quest Books: Crimson Crystal Adventures

1. Riddle of the Griffon
2. Search for the Pegasus
3. Renegades of Luntar
4. Stop that Witch!

Endless Quest Reissues

2. Search for the Pegasus

Fantastic Adventures

3. Shipwrecked on Mystery Island

Make It Happen

1. Carnival of Terror

Time Machine

1. Secret of the Knights
4. Sail with Pirates
9. Wild West Rider

Which Way Books

5. Lost in a Strange Land
13. Starship Warrior
22. The Champ of TV Wrestling

Wizards, Warriors & You

17. Conquest of the Barbarians