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Item - An Assassin in Orlandes

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Series: Gamebook Adventures — no. 1
Platforms: Android
Apple iOS
Contained In: GA Compendium 1-3 (Digital Gamebook)
Adapted Into: An Assassin in Orlandes (Gamebook)
Authors: Drage, Andrew 'Brewin' (editing)
Osborne, Simon
Rennison, Neil (editing and production)
Smith, Ben Britten (development)
Composer/Musician: Watkins, Adrian
Illustrators: Harvala, Pirkka
Maxwell, Dan (cover)
Rennison, Neil (user interface)
Wright, Joshua (user interface)
Date: December 8, 2010
Length: 517 sections
Cover Text: Set within Orlandes City itself, nobles are being systematically murdered by a ruthless assassin no-one seems able to catch. Finding yourself thrust in the middle of a large conspiracy, you must make decisions that may put yourself and one other most precious to you in great danger. Can you locate the Assassin in Orlandes before it is too late?
Malthus Dire's Thoughts:

The first of Tin Man's in-house series set in the continents of Orlandes, Rema and Drymar introduces us to the city of Orlandes itself via an initially uninteresting plot based around your having just been jilted by a lover. You begin in a bar drowning your sorrows before happening upon the far more exciting assasination of a local Noble's son. Your investigation of this leads to the discovery of a plot to overthrow the leadership of Orlandes and seize the city, at the root of which lies your ex who it transpires was just using you anyway. The plot itself is all fairly corny, but the adventure plays out decently enough, although it is very linear and certain attribute tests in the latter part can be excessively punishing. As gamebooks go, this one is relatively short and there are several sidelines to add a little variety to replays, but it will not take anyone long to beat it as it is pretty easy. Some nice black and white art accompanies the text, although it is presented from a third party perspective so you often see yourself in the images which can be slightly distancing. All things considered though, this is good and appealing enough to make you want to play more of the series and see more of Orlandes and its surroundings.

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Special Thanks:Thanks to Grue for the cover scan.
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