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(Paperback edition)
(Paperback edition)
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Combined Summary

Series: You Choose: Interactive History Adventures
Author: Doeden, Matt
Dates: 2010 (Library bound edition)
2010 (Paperback edition)
2013 (Paperback edition, later printing)
ISBNs: 1429634197 / 9781429634199 (Library bound edition, Paperback edition, later printing)
1429639105 / 9781429639101 (Paperback edition)
Length: 112 pages
Number of Endings: 20
LC Cataloging in Publication Summary: "Describes the people and events of the Civil War. The reader's choices reveal the historical details from the perspective of a Union soldier at Gettysburg, a civilian during the siege of Vicksburg, or a Confederate soldier at Chancellorsville"--Provided by publisher.
User Summary: You can choose to experience the American Civil War as a Union soldier, a Confederate soldier, or a female civilian trying to survive.
Guillermo's Thoughts:

This is quite an uneven entry in the Interactive History Adventure series. While not as boring as Civil War Secret Agent in the Time Machine series, I still found most of the book quite uninvolving. Matt Doeden's talent for designing military-based adventures only shows up in a few places, and the good moments do not quite raise the book above 'mediocre' level. Don't go out of your way to read this book.

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Special Thanks:Thanks to Ken G. for the earlier printing cover scans.
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Paperback edition
Library bound edition
Paperback edition, later printing

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