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Item - Maze of the Riddling Minotaur

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Series: Dungeons & Dragons — no. 2
Translated Into: Im Rätsellabyrinth des Minotaurus (German)
Laberinto del Minotauro Adivinador (Spanish)
Author: Grubb, Jeff
Illustrators: Truman, Timothy (Tim) (cover)
Parkinson, Keith (interior)
Dates: 1983
2017 (reissue)
ISBN: 0935696733 / 9780935696738
Product Code: M2
User Summary: The reissue has the original passages in invisible ink filled in.
Kveto's Thoughts:

In addition to Endless Quest, Dungeons & Dragons also created a number of modules which could be played solo, so would qualify as gamebooks. In addition to offering choices, turning to sections, this one used a magic pen to reveal secret sections.

As a kid I was obsessed with minotaurs, which were my favourite monsters, so this module was the first one I ever bought. I was really disappointed to discover that the "minotaurs" are actually stone golems carved to look like minotaurs that ask you riddles. If you can't answer, you must fight them.

I do remember one good part of the maze. You find a note that says "Nothing lives this way." Then when you proceed you meet a zombie. Gotcha.

The story is for character levels 1-10, which must be the biggest range of levels I've ever seen. My first level thief didn't last long. I never finished it and eventually lost the magic pen, so never will be able to.

Update: I found an online copy with the missing sections filled in, so I could at least get a look at some sections I missed. Doesn't really change my opinion much, but I noticed that the monsters encountered all continue the Greek Mythology theme: harpy, chimera, medusa, cyclops, which is kinda cool.

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