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Item - Blizzard Pass

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Series: Dungeons & Dragons — no. 1
Translated Into: Blizzard Pas (Dutch)
Blizzard Pass (German)
Burizaado pasu [ブリザードパス] (Japanese)
Paso Tempestuoso (Spanish)
Author: Cook, David ("Zeb")
Illustrator: Truman, Timothy (Tim)
Date: 1983
ISBN: 0880380047 / 9780880380041
Product Code: M1
Kveto's Thoughts:

This is another of those solo "magic pen" adventures similar to the Maze of the Riddling Minotaur. More similar to a Super Endless Quest gamebook than a traditional D&D module, this can be played solo with a thief character, levels 1-3.

I'm always interested to play a thief/rogue as they tend to be very weak and must survive with wits and skills. However, there is nothing particularly "roguish" about it. You play a thief in a winter village who is wrongly accused of murder. While escaping, you join a caravan trying to cross the mountains. You get captured by kobolds and join a party, making it less of a solo adventure but more of a party adventure.

The passages are quite short, making it feel like Fighting Fantasy. The magic pen feels completely pointless as it's not even used to reveal the map as in Minotaur. The ultimate reward is just to survive. Interestingly, it never names which monsters you face, only describing them so you are forced to discern they are kobolds or goblins based only on physical descriptions. It also has an option for group play.

A decent solo adventure but certainly nothing special.

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