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Item - The Djinni's Ring

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Series: Dungeon no. 9
Part of: Dungeon #9 (Magazine)
Author: Garcia, Vince
Illustrator: Horne, Daniel R.
Length: 115 sections plus introduction
User Summary: You come across the soul of a djinni who was trapped into two rings by an evil, now dead sorcerer. He asks you to journey to the sorcerer's palace in order to free his spirit.
Guillermo's Thoughts:

This adventure uses the Mentzer (BECMI) version of the Dungeons & Dragons rules, and is set in Mystara. It is of acceptable quality, involving quite a bit of exploration of different areas (first an optional foray into an abandoned city and secondly the sorcerer's castle). I had fun playing it, though I would have preferred fewer combats and more clever traps (as in good Fighting Fantasy adventures). There are some unfairly tough opponents, but fortunately you can complete the adventure successfully without facing any of them (you will have to engage in at least one hard fight if you want to find all the treasure, though). Overall, this is no masterpiece but it won't hurt you to give it a shot.

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