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Item - Eye of the Dragon

(Plume reprint)
(Copy of Original British edition)
(Signet reprint)
(Copy of Original British edition)
(Copy of Original British edition)
(Copy of Original British edition)
(Copy of Original British edition)

Combined Summary

Online Full Text: Internet Archive (Signet reprint)
Series: Dicing with Dragons
Translated Into: L'Occhio del Drago (Italian)
Adapted Into: Eye of the Dragon (Gamebook)
Dates: 1982 (Plume reprint)
October 28, 1982 (Original British edition)
1983 (Plume reprint)
1985 (Copy of Original British edition)
September, 1986 (Signet reprint)
Product Code: FQ1 (Plume reprint)
Length: 54 pages (pp. 15-68; 134 sections)
Number of Endings: 11 (not including death by combat)
User Summary: You must travel into an underground complex and retrieve a valuable golden dragon. There are two catches, however.... First, you can't touch the dragon unless you find its gemstone eyes. Second, you will die from a slow-acting poison unless you retrieve the item within two weeks and exchange some of the money you get from selling it for an antidote.
Demian's Thoughts:

This odd little adventure, which has nothing to do with the Golden Dragon Fantasy Gamebook of the same title, isn't brilliant but is still fairly enjoyable. The sections are short, the plot barely even exists and success depends largely on your initial statistic rolls. Still, with a bit of persistance (and mapping), it's not terribly hard to win. This is a nice game to play when you're short on time. As far as I can tell, no further "Fantasy Quest" adventures were produced.

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Known Editions

Original British edition (in Dicing with Dragons)
Plume reprint (in Dicing with Dragons)
Copy of Original British edition (in Dicing with Dragons)
Signet reprint (in Dicing with Dragons)

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