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Item - No Future

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Series: Doctor Who: New Adventures Novels — no. 23
Author: Cornell, Paul
Illustrator: Wallbank, Pete
Date: 1994
ISBN: 0426204093 / 9780426204091
Length: 272 pages
User Summary: The Doctor advises Benny to sing in a punk band in an alternate version of the seventies where the threat of anarchy is quite serious.
Demian's Thoughts:

This adventure is the culmination of the five-book series that began with Blood Heat. At last we get to learn who has been manipulating time for the past few adventures; too bad we largely don't care due to the mediocrity of the first half of the lead-up. Fortunately, this book delivers a strong pay-off that almost makes up for the poor setup. We get a genuine UNIT adventure, multiple geek-pleasing continuity references, decent incidental characters, and a good showing by the main cast. Only in Paul Cornell's hands does the characterization of Ace make anything approaching sense at this point in the series! Definitely worth a look, even if you can't bring yourself to read all of the books leading up to it.

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