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Item - Blood Heat

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Series: Doctor Who: New Adventures Novels — no. 19
Author: Mortimore, Jim
Illustrators: Cummins, Jeff (cover)
Mortimore, Jim (interior)
Date: 1993
ISBN: 0426203992 / 9780426203995
User Summary: The TARDIS lands in an alternate timeline where Silurians have reclaimed the Earth.
Demian's Thoughts:

After a satisfying Cybermen adventure, I was looking forward to the return of the Silurians, always one of my favorite races from the classic series. The fact that characters from the UNIT years feature prominently also seemed like a good sign. Unfortunately, I was thoroughly disappointed; the book is just too grim for its own good. Don't get me wrong -- I have no problem with dark themes in fiction, and I enjoy a good apocalyptic adventure. The problem is that the grimness here is so forced and adolescent that rather than having an emotional impact, it promptly becomes irritating. By the time the whole mess came to an end, I was well past caring.

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