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Item - White Darkness

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Series: Doctor Who: New Adventures Novels — no. 15
Author: McIntee, David A.
Illustrator: Elson, Peter
Date: 1993
ISBN: 042620395X / 9780426203957
Length: 244 pages
User Summary: The TARDIS lands in early 20th-century Haiti, where dark forces are stirring.
Demian's Thoughts:

This seems like it should have been a winner: a well-researched historical setting, the most explicit homage to the Cthulhu Mythos yet featured in the series, and, of course, ZOMBIES! Sadly, it doesn't manage to hold together. There are a few too many things going on at once, so it's hard to keep track of all the characters early in the novel. The Lovecraft references are too heavy-handed (particularly the inclusion of a character named "Howard Phillips" -- if the author wanted Lovecraft himself in the book, he should have put Lovecraft himself in the book). The evil Germans are... evil Germans. Certain aspects of the plot (particularly the fate of a mob of zombie villagers) are wrapped up far too quickly in the end. Perhaps I'm being a bit too hard on the book -- it's certainly not the worst in the series -- but not being the worst doesn't really mean you need to go out of your way to read it.

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