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Series: Doctor Who: New Adventures Novels — no. 13
Author: Darvill-Evans, Peter
Illustrator: Rey, Luis (cover)
Date: 1993
ISBN: 0426203879 / 9780426203872
Length: 325 pages
User Summary: The Doctor and Benny visit Arcadia, a seemingly primitive planet controlled by a massive corporation with a hidden agenda. You know, the usual.
Demian's Thoughts:

After the aptly-named The Pit, almost anything would seem brilliant. As it happens, this isn't a brilliant book, but it is a reasonably enjoyable and entirely readable one. It doesn't really break new ground in storytelling, but at least the plot makes sense. The character development won't move you to tears, but the characters are sympathetic enough to hold the reader's interest. Being written by the series editor, there are quite a few nods to continuity to please devoted followers of the series, but these don't go so far as to confuse to casual reader too much. In the end, it's not the most memorable title in the series, but it goes by quickly without leaving a bad taste, and it's also worth a look due to the inclusion of a somewhat self-conscious but enlightening article by the editor on the direction and philosophy of the novels. I'm still not totally sold on these books, but this one leaves me ready to read the next one... if only I can find a copy!

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