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Item - La Llorona

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Series: Vidaventura — no. 5
Alternate Title: The Weeping Woman (literal English translation of title)
Author: Cuautli, H├ęctor Campillo
Date: 1989
Length: 87 pages
Number of Endings: 12
User Summary: While walking down Mexico City you come across an old woman who is rumoured to be a reincarnation of a legendary ghost, and decide to investigate further.
Guillermo's Thoughts:

Folk legends about female ghosts who wander and wail during nighttime are widespread throughout Latin America. This gamebook references several Mexican versions of the story, though if you're really interested in the topic there are online sources which are much better researched. As for the actual reading experience, the book's "horror" elements are handled in such a campy way so as to make a bad episode of Scooby Doo, Where Are You? look like a work of fine art. To its credit, the book includes a bit of Mexican humour (which I appreciated) and is a bit more competently narrated and constructed than some other entries in the series (though that isn't really saying much). If you're interested in a Mexican take on a specifically Mexican subject, however, I would suggest leaving it alone and trying El tesoro de Moctezuma instead.

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