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Item - The Creature from Miller's Pond

(book fair edition)
Series: Choose Your Own Adventure for Younger Readers — no. 12
Contained In: Choose Your Own Adventure Skylark 3 Box Set (Collection)
Translated Into: La créature mystérieuse de la Mare-à-Meunier (French)
El monstre de la llacuna (Catalan)
El monstruo de la laguna (Spanish)
Author: Saunders, Susan
Illustrators: Granger, Paul (pseudonym used by Hedin, Don) (cover)
Enik, Ted (interior)
Date: September, 1983
ISBN: 0553152238 / 9780553152234
Length: 54 pages
Number of Endings: 10
User Summary: You and your best friend somehow manage to catch a humanoid lake monster while fishing.
Demian's Thoughts:

This is a fairly entertaining book with some funny illustrations. It starts out rather unconventionally, with the first two paragraphs being something of a prologue to the action, then proceeds with the story, which has some amusing moments (my favorite being the point where you decide you should keep the monster because "Nobody else has a Creature for a pet."). My biggest complaint is that the ending on page 41 lacks finality and should have been expanded on in some way. As it is, I'm left to theorize, in Lovecraftian fashion, that the creature was a Deep One and somehow managed to contact Dagon....

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Special Thanks:Thanks to B Banzai for the book fair edition cover scan.
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