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Item - Dragon Cards

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Series: Dungeons & Dragons
Contained In: The New Easy to Master Dungeons & Dragons (Role-Playing Game)
Author: Denning, Troy
Date: 1991
Length: 205 sections
User Summary: These unbound cards alternate between introducing new game rules and using the rules in a solitaire adventure involving an escape from a dungeon.
Guillermo's Thoughts:

This is a fun (if rather linear and simplistic) adventure. It is intended to teach the player the rules and basics of the D&D game step by step, and therefore there does not seem to be any way to fail at it (if you lose all your hit points you are usually instructed to just roll up a new character and carry on where the previous one died). Still, it has some replay value since it allows you to choose among seven character classes. It isn't terribly creative or interesting, but it is at least a bit more fun than the introductory solos in the Essentials or Pathfinder Beginner Box sets. If you've got nothing better to do, it's not a bad way to kill a few hours.

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