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Item - Mutant Hill Giant

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Series: Lost Worlds Fantasy Combat Books
Date: November, 2004
Product Code: 1IP003
Cover Text: Hungry and alone, you look for food. In the distance you see movement in the underbrush. Standing still a man steps into full view of your darkvision. He doesn't see you. Lifting a large rock at your feet you heave it at your next intended meal. Can your strength overcome the cunning of this foe?
User Summary: Statistics: Height - 5, Body Points - 25
Usable Cards: tactics (2 points), luck (4 points)
soren_nyrond's Thoughts:

Ugly is the short review. This is a small Giant with a second, rudimentary, head above his left shoulder, and three arms. He carries 2 clubs and can also pick up a rock. He can also throw one club and still attack with the other. And, to add to the problems, he has tough skin, and so doesn't take much damager when hit. On the other hand, he can dish it out -- no actual attack has a Damage Modifier in the minuses. He does miss out on options: no Fake attacks, no Blocks. He gets Bite and Throw attacks, but with having the 3 hands, he doesn't need to disarm hismelf to use them. I haven't fought with him yet, so I can't say how well he handles, as player or opponent, but he has no obvious weaknesses.

He does lose out on his Tactics: of the three Tactic cards printed with my copy, only 1 was cheap enough to use. He will need to win 250 victory points to be able to use all of them.

He has enough Luck Points to use any one of the three Luck cards printed with my copy, and since one lets him ignore an attack, one adds to an attack, and the last smashes his foe's weapon, they aren't to be sneered at.

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