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Lost Worlds Fantasy Combat Books

Mutant Hill Giant
1006. Hill Troll with Club
1301. Unicorn
1402. Ninja with Ninjato
3001. Runesword: Bith - Female Cleric
3002. Runesword: Cal - Warrior with Sword and Shield
5006. Wyrm the Dragon
5015. Eilee the Sprite
5022. Oowell the Ghoul
8603. Tunnels and Trolls: Kharis, Royal Mummy
8611. Knights of the Dinner Table: Brian "Teflon Billy"
60151. Brimstone, the Fire Giant
60153. Cimeree, Elfin Maid

Shadis Magazine

28. Veltigg, The Forest Shade / Mattha, Huntress of Denglade