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Item - The Sword of the Templar

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Series: Robin of Sherwood — no. 2
Translated Into: A espada do templário (Portuguese)
La spada del templare (Italian)
Authors: Mason, Paul
Staplehurst, Graham (uncredited)
Illustrator: Nicholson, Russ
Date: 1987
ISBN: 0140322957 / 9780140322958
Length: 400 sections
Number of Endings: 2 (one victory, one generic failure led to by many sections)
User Summary: You ambush a mysterious Templar Knight who possesses a powerful black sword, and you are compelled to learn more about him....
Demian's Thoughts:

The first thing that struck me about this book was that it doesn't contain rules for using the character from the previous volume. There's no character advancement, and it doesn't seem that you can bring over Power of Light and Darkness points or equipment from the prior adventure. This makes sense, since doing so would probably throw off the game balance a bit, but it's still a little disappointing; I like continuity of character. Upon reading the book, I also found that there's no real continuity with the first book's story, either; you could read the books in reverse order and barely notice the difference (except that some characters can apparently die in book two even though they can't in book one). Reaching the book's victorious ending is no more difficult than it was in the previous volume, but achieving a perfect score is much harder, requiring you to go on a couple of sub-quests. This design sounds good, but I didn't particularly like it; once I had successfully finished the book once, it seemed a chore to go back and figure out where I had missed things on previous trips. After a dozen or so attempts, I got bored and gave up. Because of this, I didn't feel this book was as strong as its predecessor; however, other people may like it more for exactly the same reason. The positive comments about the system (and negative comments about the wound diagrams) that I made about the previous book also apply here; there's also a lot of clever use of special items to keep track of where players have been and who they have met. A decent book, but not as impressive as I had hoped it would be.

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