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Series: Miscellaneous Works by Kim Newman
Author: Newman, Kim
Dates: 1991 (British edition)
1993 (American edition)
ISBN: 0881848689 / 9780881848687 (American edition)
Length: 537 pages (American hardback)
User Summary: Disaster strikes a small English village where reality and fantasy begin to intermingle.
Demian's Thoughts:

I've read most of Kim Newman's books, and this is one of his most conventional, and thus also his most disappointing. That's not to say that it's a bad book -- it keeps the pages turning, and there are some typical Newman touches here and there -- but it often feels like something a more conventional horror author like Stephen King or Dean Koontz could have written. I wonder if the length is part of the problem; Newman's more experimental work is shorter and tighter, but since this is thicker, it needs more traditional padding to keep it going. In any case, it's a good enough read, but it's not an essential part of Newman's bibliography.

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