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(American hardcover edition)
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(British edition)

Combined Summary

Series: Your First Adventure — no. 2
Translated Into: L'aniversari (Catalan)
L'anniversaire de Petit Cochon (French)
El cumpleaƱos del Chanchito (Spanish)
El cumpleaƱos (Spanish)
Urtebetetzea (Basque)
Author: Leonard, Marcia
Illustrator: Hockerman, Dennis
Date: May, 1984 (American hardcover edition)
ISBN: 055315267X / 9780553152678
Length: 18 pages
Number of Endings: 1
User Summary: You are a little pig, and it's your birthday. Your parents have only given you a funny hat, and none of your friends seem to be around to wish you a happy birthday.
Guillermo's Thoughts:

(Review based on the Spanish translation by Timun Mas).

This anthropomorphic animal adventure is explicitly designed to be read aloud to very young children. It is illustrated in full colour, with foldable flaps in most pages. These flaps allow children to have a moving picture experience not unlike TV or cinema. The branching path structure is very simple, as there is only one choice point and one ending. Nonetheless, both the dynamic illustration scheme and the interactive storyline should provide good entertainment for children of the target age group. Moreover, the shortness of the book is adequate to the attention span of most toddlers. The book's single ending is a happy one (obviously), but parents and children should have fun going back and exploring the path they missed the first time. Overall, this is a very good introduction to interactive literature for the target audience.

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Special Thanks:Thanks to Ken G. for the American cover scan and to Ryan Lynch for the British cover images.
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