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Item - Mega Man 2

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Series: Junior Worlds of Power Novels — no. 1
Authors: Miles, Ellen
Nine, F. X.
Date: September, 1990
ISBN: 0590437720 / 9780590437721
Length: 74 pages
User Summary: In an attempt to create a copy of Mega Man, Dr. Light accidentally makes him human. There's no time to change him back, as Dr. Wily has returned with an all-new batch of battle robots.
Fireguard's Thoughts:

This book surprised me a bit as, despite being aimed at even younger readers than the regular Worlds of Power series, it makes a point of covering every area of the game instead of summarizing the middle. It's a pretty quick read; I remember being able to finish the entire thing in one night back in fourth grade. Thing is, and this has to do with trying to adapt the entirety of a hop and bop platform game into a book, it's not a very entertaining read.

It starts right at the beginning with the writer's intent to make Mega Man into a human; even though the book doesn't do much to explore his sudden change of condition, it's not a bad idea. The thing is, if Dr. Light thought two Mega Men could better handle Dr. Wily, how does building a machine to duplicate Mega Man make more sense than building another Mega Man?

The hints at the ends of the chapters are even less helpful than usual. All in all, not really something worth your time.

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