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Series: Worlds of Power Novels — no. 1
Authors: Nine, F. X.
Singer, A. L. (pseudonym used by Lerangis, Peter)
Date: July, 1990
ISBN: 059043778X / 9780590437783
Length: 120 pages
User Summary: Young Jason chases his pet frog down a hole in the ground and finds a lot more than a frog waiting for him down there.
Fireguard's Thoughts:

I never cared much for Blaster Master as a game, but the book based on it is decent enough. To fit the expanse of an entire video game into 120 pages, it speeds through the middle expanse with only minimal description as to what happened. While this annoyed me somewhat when I was younger, returning to the book when I'm a little older I admit including everything would've been tedious for both reader and writer. It also plays down the violence (mainly two of the bosses are mutated versions of Jason's frog and one of his friend's pets, but in the end it turns he didn't kill them after all and said pets are back to normal), which is kind of lame but not unexpected.

An interesting point is when a sequel for the game was made for the Playstation in 2001 (which I admit I've never played), the events of this book were made into series canon. Not bad since the only real additions the book made were a bit of back story and giving Jason someone to talk to.

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Special Thanks:Thanks to Fireguard for the plot summary and to B. Banzai for the cover image.
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