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Item - Ten-Ton Monster

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Series: Which Way Books — no. 21
Authors: Austin, R. G. (pseudonym used by multiple people)
Lamb, Nancy (uncredited)
Illustrators: Edwards, Les (cover)
Smith, Joseph A. (interior)
Date: December, 1985
ISBN: 067155820X / 9780671558208
Length: 117 pages
Number of Endings: 38
User Summary: In order to become the Grand Master of your planet, you have to complete three dangerous missions: kill a huge monster, defeat an infamous criminal, and destroy a magic crystal.
Demian's Thoughts:

This adventure, written by just one of the two authors normally credited as R. G. Austin, is quite good; it has three distinct missions, but in order to be completely victorious, you have to finish all three of them. This makes it more coherent than most books in the series while still allowing it to retain the variety that makes the series interesting. This is also the first book in the series to use the third and final cover design, which uses a new logo, a larger cover illustration, and a bright background color.

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Guillermo's Thoughts:

This science fantasy adventure contains three missions, all of which have to be solved in order to achieve success. This gives the reader a stronger sense of purpose than most systemless gamebooks do. Unfortunately, the whole thing is let down by extremely poor writing, as well as by its silly story. I do not recommend hunting this one down.

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