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Series: Car Wars Adventure Gamebooks — no. 4
Authors: Lambard, Creede
Lambard, Sharleen
Illustrators: Holloway, James (Jim) (cover)
Carroll, Dan (interior)
Date: June, 1987
ISBN: 0880382988 / 9780880382984
Length: 400 sections (plus introduction and glossary)
Number of Endings: 28
User Summary: You must drive Orson Whitney, a controversial Church Elder, to San Francisco without letting him get killed in the process.
Demian's Thoughts:

The previous book's non-linear structure isn't repeated here; we're back to the same basic linear form used in the first two adventures. This isn't such a bad thing, though, as the book is quite well-designed. While most of the same events happen every time you play, you still have some freedom -- there are many fights that can be provoked or avoided and many subplots that can be investigated or ignored. Since there's no timekeeping and little use of money, the story isn't bogged down by excessive book-keeping, and since there are many opportunities to repair your vehicle, victory doesn't require the same degree of continuous luck that some previous volumes forced you to rely upon. There's nothing too spectacular or unusual about the book, but it's well-balanced and interesting enough to make for a couple of entertaining and non-frustrating playthroughs.

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Errata:This book's introduction ends with the sentence "You are the autoduellist," which is very similar to the "You are the duellist" which marks the transition from the third-person introduction to the first-person adventure in the first book of this series. Since the introduction here is in the same first-person as the rest of the book, though, this line serves no purpose and seems kind of weird.
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