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Item - Superman: The Man of Steel

(British edition)
Series: Super Powers Which Way Books — no. 1
Author: Helfer, Andrew
Illustrator: Delbo, José
Dates: June, 1983 (American edition)
1985 (British edition)
ISBNs: 0552522562 / 9780552522564 (British edition)
0671474634 / 9780671474638 (original)
0671643320 / 9780671643324 (reissue)
Length: 118 pages
Number of Endings: 38
User Summary: Superman battles some familiar foes and explores an alien world.
Demian's Thoughts:

The third-person narration is somewhat annoying, but this isn't a terrible gamebook. Apparently it wasn't nearly as successful as the publishers had hoped, however; this book, the first in the series, lists Wonder Woman, Justice League of America, and Batman as forthcoming books. As far as I can tell, only two of these three books ever happened, and Batman didn't come out until three years later.

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drereichdude's Thoughts:

This book was a pretty good representation of the Man of Steel, also known as the Last Son of Krypton. Although I've usually been more partial to the Marvel comic characters than those from DC, I liked this book.

As Superman, you have numerous adventures. You can put the villains from the Phantom Zone back where they were originally imprisoned. Then there's the fiendish inventor Toyman, who has in his possession a large amount of Green Kryptonite. Of course, there is also Lex Luthor, who is an insane genius, and is generally considered Superman's greatest human foe. In one story, you have to thwart him and his Death Ray from destroying Metropolis.

Another path has you meet up with a giant yellow alien, who implores Superman to come to his homeworld and free his people from oppressors. It's in that story where I had the most enjoyment reading; it was my favorite part of the book.

Also, there's Superman being Clark Kent at the Daily Planet, talking with Lois Lane, Jimmy Olsen, and Perry White. This part does not last long, though.

All throughout the book, Superman must beware of those with the aforementioned Kryptonite. The most common kind is Green, which is deadly to any Kryptonian, then there's Red, which causes unpredicable changes in Kryptonians and can only affect each Kryptonian once, and the kind I had never heard of, Gold, which does not kill, but instead strips Kryptonians of their powers. Really quite creative of those DC writers, there is also an article on Wikipedia about all the different kinds of Kryptonite in the DC universe.

I liked reading this, but it was written in the '80's, so the technology used where Toyman forces Superman to play video games to free Lois Lane is out of date. Other than that this was a good enjoyable read. I recommend it!

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Fireguard's Thoughts:

Not a bad gamebook all around. The system for battling the Phantom Zone villains was interesting, although it seemed strange to me that most of the rest of the book involved putting Superman in situations where his powers were useless. Doesn't that defeat the point of a book about controlling DC's greatest hero?

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