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Item - Steeleye and the Lost Magic

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User Summary: In order to restore the magic which gives the land its life, you must journey through a mysterious forest looking for hidden clues.
Guillermo's Thoughts:

This fantasy adventure is remarkably uninteresting. It includes no game system, and the settings and events are nothing out of the ordinary. While there are multiple paths through the book, there do not seem to be any endings except for the successful one, meaning that there is no way to fail in the quest. The only challenge resides in solving the many - quite tough - puzzles included, which once solved in sequence will reveal a short message. The message changes depending on the path taken through the book, but there is no indication given as to which of the messages included would have awarded the reader the trip to Disney World advertised inside. Overall, this adventure is no more than a curiosity, and other than perusing the full-colour illustrations, there is really no reason to hunt it down at this point.

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Steeleye and the Lost Magic edition

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Steeleye and the Lost Magic Ad
from Eagle comic, July 4, 1987. Thanks to Ed Jolley for the scan.