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Item - Midnight at Bob's 24-Hour Speedie Mart & Gas

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Series: Men in Black Roleplaying Game
Part of: Men in Black Roleplaying Game (Role-Playing Game)
Author: Schweighofer, Peter
Date: 1997
Length: 16 pages (55 sections, plus introduction)
User Summary: An alien has made an unauthorized trip to rural Pennsylvania. As a member of the Men in Black, you are ordered to track him down and bring him back to his zone without letting any humans know about his presence.
Guillermo's Thoughts:

I don't understand why this introductory adventure makes the reader play a generic Man in Black; letting the reader play either Agent K or Agent J would have been more likely to draw fans of the franchise towards the game. As for the adventure's actual content, I also found it to be mostly a disappointment. It is over way too quickly to be of much interest, and many of the text sections feel like wasted space. I enjoyed the fact that in some places the choices are used to encourage the reader to roleplay a genuine Man in Black, but the gameplay fails to stand out in any other way. I would also have appreciated it if the author spent less time berating the reader about not following instructions precisely (this is supposed to be a game, not military boot camp). This is not a terrible adventure, but it's not one I found to be very memorable, either.

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