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Item - Regina Cayli

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Combined Summary

Series: Star Wars Adventure Journal no. 1
Star Wars Role-Playing Game
Contained In: Star Wars Role-Playing Game: First Edition (Role-Playing Game)
Author: Rolston, Ken
Illustrator: Lona, John Paul
Date: February, 1994 (Star Wars Adventure Journal edition)
Length: 6 pages (47 sections, plus introduction) (Star Wars Role-Playing Game edition)
User Summary: You are a smuggler. Your ship has been forced down to a distant planet by Imperial forces, and your wookie friend has been taken captive by them. You must infiltrate the ship where your friend is being held and rescue him.
Guillermo's Thoughts:

This is so much better than Escape Pod Down. This time there are choices for the reader to make, and they involve quite a bit of strategy. The rules are so simple that there is practically no need to read any of them beforehand, and the level of challenge is high enough that playing more than once may be needed in order to complete the adventure successfully. Overall, while Regina Cayli is little more than a short diversion, it's still one of the most engaging introductory RPG solo adventures I've read so far.

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Known Editions

Star Wars Role-Playing Game edition
Star Wars Adventure Journal edition (in Star Wars Adventure Journal #1)

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