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Item - The Forbidden Towers

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(Paperback, first printing)
(Paperback, first printing)
(Paperback, first printing)
(Paperback, first printing)
(Reissue edition)
(Reissue edition)

Combined Summary

Series: Forgotten Forest — no. 4
Author: Gaskin, Carol
Illustrator: Price, T. Alexander
Dates: August, 1985 (Paperback, first printing)
August, 2003 (Reissue edition)
ISBNs: 0816703248 / 9780816703241 (Hardback)
0816703256 / 9780816703258 (Paperback, first printing)
0816775974 / 9780816775972 (Reissue edition)
Length: 124 pages
Number of Endings: 13
LC Cataloging in Publication Summary: As Lifin, a young elf, the reader makes decisions controlling his search through the five Forbidden Towers for the herb that will cure his people of the elven plague.
Demian's Thoughts:

For such a short book, this one does an excellent job of giving the reader a sense of exploration. This thorough development of the Forbidden Towers is made possible by the inclusion of only one victorious ending and lots of linking between towers. A lot of thought seems to have gone into the design, and the ultimate result is very satisfying.

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Dtar's Thoughts:

This is one of my favorite gamebooks, mainly because of the clever way that each of the towers contains a sort of mini adventure, and how they all fit together in the end.

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Special Thanks:Thanks to Ken G. for the reissue cover scans.
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Paperback, first printing
Reissue edition

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