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Item - Virtual Life

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Series: Reboot Adventure Games — no. 4
Author: Morris, Dave
Date: 1995
User Summary: The citizens of Mainframe wake up one morning to find the system overrun with "weird fractal vegetation."
Fireguard's Thoughts:

I'd been looking forward to the idea of interactive Reboot, but based on Virtual Life, I doubt I'll go to the trouble of checking out any more. I wasn't expecting the show's trademark wit from a writer who probably wasn't a computer programmer, but it's not even that satisfying as a gamebook. The writing does little to draw the reader in, and heck if I know what the acquisition of the KILOWATT code has to do with how it's actually used.

I'm also confused about the writer's awareness of the laws of the computerized universe. If the characters lose a game(more specifically, if the player wins), they should be turned into Nulls, mindless slug-like creatures, but they don't. The sector goes offline but Bob and Enzo are fine and the adventure continues. Which is strange because the way Nulls are described when they're encountered indicates Morris knows enough about Reboot to know that's how it works.

This is simply not an entertaining book. The most memorable thing about it is the odd bit of Mario-bashing on page 61.

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