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Item - Racing the Clock

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Series: Reboot Adventure Games — no. 3
Author: Morris, Dave
Date: 1995
User Summary: As in the episode of the same name, one local virus hires Enzo to deliver a gift to the other local virus. It's hardly a gesture of good will, of course....
Fireguard's Thoughts:

As noted, this book is the odd man out among its series as it's based directly off an episode from the show. Same videogame sequence and everything. Seems a strange design choice, what with the people likely to read these books also likely to have seen that episode. Meaning they already know what they're delivering. For that matter, doing what they did on the show is the correct choice most of the time.

There's an element of trying to avoid wasting time, but fans of the show will already know about that. And wasting time mainly results in penalties to a die roll that doesn't come up at all if, again, the reader chooses to do as the characters did in the show at just one choice.

It's possible to make decisions taking the story in directions the episode didn't, but these feel short and neglected because of the space and effort that went into recreating the episode. Also doesn't help that it's adapted from one of the less memorable episodes to come out of the first season. Really not recommended.

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