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Item - A Solitaire Adventure

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Series: Paranoia
Contained In: Paranoia Player Handbook (Role-Playing Game)
Paranoia: Second Edition (Role-Playing Game)
Dates: 1984 (original)
1987 (revised edition)
Length: 4 pages (55 sections)
User Summary: You are a red security clearance troubleshooter living in Alpha Complex. One day, the Computer asks you to join two other troubleshooters on a mission. Of course, this being the Paranoia RPG, the mission turns out to be fraught with danger.
Guillermo's Thoughts:

Despite its short length, I consider this to be one of the best introductory solitaire adventures out there. It does an excellent job of introducing the player to the intrigue and backstabbing typical of a Paranoia game session, and it provides a good feel for the complex set of social hierarchies and interactions that a game character has to navigate in order to prevail. The adventure is also made interesting by the use of codes which track the consequences of the player's decisions at the end of the game. I definitely recommend this one, and if you enjoy it, make sure you try a multiplayer session as well.

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