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Item - Quest for the Auburn Pelt

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Series: PageQuest — no. 1
Authors: Kyle, James
Young, Chris (designer)
Illustrator: Kyle, James
Date: 1997
Length: 34 text sections, 20 map areas
Number of Endings: 1 (not including failure by loss of Stamina)
User Summary: You enter the keep of a Sidhe Noble in order to retrieve a magical pelt belonging to an innocent Selkie.
Demian's Thoughts:

This is a remarkable piece of work. I've often wondered if a one-page gamebook would be possible, and this definitely proves that it is. It uses the same kind of entertaining mapping system that I've loved since my first encounter with the wonderful sample solo adventure in the Dungeons & Dragons red-boxed Basic Set, and it features very innovative magic and combat rules. Obviously, it's rather lacking in the plot department, and it doesn't take too long to complete (30-45 minutes for me, I'd estimate), but it's still a remarkable achievement. I'd certainly love to see more done with both the one-page format and the PageQuest game system. It's also quite pleasing that the adventure is freely redistributable. I'd strongly recommend taking advantage of that fact, downloading the files linked below, and trying this quest out for yourself! Note that if you're unhappy with the quality of my scans, you can get an original copy of the game by sending a self-addressed, stamped envelope to:

Glastyn Games
877 West Dexter Trail
Mason, MI 48854

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