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Item - The Fourth Nail

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Series: Indiana Jones Role-Playing Game — no. 6
Author: Hickman, Tracy
Illustrator: Caldwell, Clyde (cover)
Date: 1984
ISBN: 0394549600 / 9780394549606
Product Codes: 6757
Kveto's Thoughts:

This is one of the adventure modules from the Indiana Jones Role-Playing Game. It is similar in aspect and design to Dungeons and Dragons modules of the time. This is the only module I owned as a kid (aside from The Ikons of Ikammanen, which came with the rulebook). I can't recall if I ever managed to convince a friend to play this one. It can be played with a judge and one or more characters.

It is a fairly faithful Indiana type adventure, I believe drawn directly from the comic books "The Further Adventures of Indian Jones." You start off in the Australian outback, looking for an aboriginal artifact. A series of circumstances force you to meet the evil treasure collector Ben Ali Ayoob, who sends you to Barcelona to retrieve the "forth nail," the golden spike that was intended to be one driven into the head of Jesus while nailed to the cross. It was stolen by a wandering gypsy.

The hero has contacts in Barcelona which lead him to a gypsy camp, where the magical final encounter occurs. You are pursued by the Hashyshin, the legendary Assassins of the crusades, who dress like Arabic ninjas. It is a fairly standard Indiana Jones style adventure, notable only for the exotic locales.

It uses one of those annoying red screens to reveal hidden map locations, like the Crimson Crystal Adventures.

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