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Item - Tombs of the Kings

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Series: Imagine no. 12
Part of: Imagine #12 (Magazine)
Author: Brunton, Mike
Illustrator: Young, Pete
Date: March, 1984
Length: 8 pages (195 sections plus introduction)
User Summary: You enter an ancient tomb in search of a priceless diadem.
Guillermo's Thoughts:

This solo adventure appeared in Imagine, a 1980s roleplaying magazine published by TSR and directed towards the UK market. It is intended for novice gamers and therefore includes a simple, six-sided dice-based combat system. It also includes stats for the D&D and Tunnels & Trolls systems for players who prefer using those. The adventure is a fairly typical dungeon crawl. None of the encounters and traps are as creatively designed as those found in good Fighting Fantasy or Lone Wolf adventures, and the dungeon is quite small (though it feels more substantial than the solo adventure in the Pathfinder Beginner Box, for example). If you are a novice to adventure gaming this can help you get your feet wet. If you are an experienced gamebook reader this is unlikely to challenge you, so you can safely skip it.

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