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Item - Space Olympics

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Series: Be an Interplanetary Spy — no. 4
Contained In: Be an Interplanetary Spy Box Set (Collection)
Translated Into: Olimpiada espacial (Spanish)
Author: Martinez, Ron
Illustrators: Larson, Rich (cover)
Fastner, Steve (cover)
Pierard, John (interior)
Sutton, Tom (interior)
Date: August, 1983
ISBN: 0553237012 / 9780553237016
Length: 121 pages
Number of Endings: 15
User Summary: An evil spy named Gresh wishes to sabotage the first Space Olympics, and you must stop him while protecting the superathlete Andromeda.
Aussiesmurf's Thoughts:

My first ever Interplanetary Spy book!

I remember thinking the idea was fascinating at the time, although the device based on your eye colour was a bit suspect.

Generally a lot of fun, and Gresh was a suitably horrible super-villain.

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auximenes's Thoughts:

In this mission your job is to pose as an athlete in the Space Olympics while protecting another athlete named Andromeda from kidnapping by space terrorists. The villain Gresh is intimidating, as is his cohort of clone agents. This is the first book in the series by Ron Martinez, and he brings a more mature writing style to the series, and the artwork is more refined and less cartoony than in the previous volumes. I give it 3 out of 5 stars.

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Demian's Thoughts:

This is the first book in the series not written by Seth McEvoy. It's slightly more wordy than McEvoy's work (which is not to say it has much text; none of these books do) and consequently has fewer puzzles. What puzzles are present are fairly simple. The most unusual thing in the book is a device which functions differently depending on the eye color of the reader.

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