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Item - The Demon Sorcerer

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Cover Text: Your homeland is a place of haunted forests and shadowy marshes. Its people live in fear of the foul demons and dreaded beasts that stalk its untamed regions. In order to survive, you have become highly skilled in the art of battle, forging a name for yourself as a mighty adventurer.

You are soon to learn that a terrible evil is growing in the south; an ancient power that threatens to destroy the few bastions of good in this dangerous world. From beyond the snow-clad peaks of the Druideen Mountains, a plea for aid has reached your ears. Will YOU answer the call to arms?
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Standard edition

Series: The Demon's Bane no. 1
Item: The Demon Sorcerer
Author: Lewis, D. L.
Illustrator: Lewis, D. L.
Date: February 18, 2019
Publisher: Battle Land Publishing
Length: 380 pages, 450 sections

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