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Item - Into the Jungle

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(Paperback edition, first printing)
(Paperback edition, first printing)
(Paperback edition, first printing)
(Paperback edition, first printing)

Combined Summary

Series: Endless Quest — no. 50
Translated Into: Nella giungla (Italian)
Author: Forbeck, Matt
Illustrators: Behm, Mark (interior)
Belisle, Eric (interior)
Boros, Zoltán (interior)
Bradley, Christopher (interior)
Briclot, Aleksi (interior)
Burdett, Christopher (interior)
Conceptopolis (cover and interior)
Daarken (interior)
Dien, Chris (interior)
Drebas, Olga (interior)
England, Wayne (interior)
Hueso, David (interior)
Jacobson, Tyler (interior)
Kok, Julian (interior)
Lübke, Raphael (interior)
Maury, Victor (interior)
Molnar, Mark (interior)
Ortiz, Hector (interior)
Prescott, Steve (interior)
Schley, Mike (interior)
Seaman, Chris (cover and interior)
Stawicki, Matt (interior)
Sweet, Justin (interior)
Tanji, Emi (interior)
Turkel, Autumn Rain (interior)
Whitters, Richard (interior)
Wood, Shawn (interior)
Dates: 2018 (Hardback edition)
2018 (Paperback edition, first printing)
ISBNs: 153620241X / 9781536202410 (Paperback edition, first printing)
1536202460 / 9781536202465 (Hardback edition)
Length: 122 pages
Number of Endings: 24 (Paperback edition, first printing)
Cover Price: US$8.99 (Paperback edition, first printing)
User Summary: You're a dwarven cleric. You journey to a tropical jungle in western Faerun on a mission to recover a powerful magic ring.
Guillermo's Thoughts:

This first entry in the third Endless Quest series is a favourite of mine (counting all EQ books, not just those written by Matt Forbeck). The setting is rather unusual for a D&D gamebook adventure, and the author fills it with many unique interesting creatures. There are a variety of entertaining adventures to have (some people may be turned off by the fact that there are several paths in which the player character gets derailed from the original quest and ends up doing something completely different, but it certainly didn't bother me). A particularly memorable path has a powerful necromancer turn your character into an undead being; while in most gamebooks such a situation would automatically lead to a failure ending, in this one you get to keep making choices after your transformation. Cool! As is usually the case with Matt Forbeck, the book is not terribly difficult to complete successfully, but this is made up by the fact that the different possibilities it offers are quite entertaining. Definitely recommended.

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Known Editions

Hardback edition
Paperback edition, first printing

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